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Eleven Companies Earn AIM Next Century Awards

A global center of classical music in the Berkshires, a company attracting diverse workers to the construction industry…

Accountability Key to Education Funding Reform

Massachusetts is about to undertake the most sweeping restructuring of public-education funding since 1993.

Six Companies Earn 2019 Sustainability Awards

Six companies ranging from a global ride-sharing powerhouse to a Berkshire County company making key chemicals used for…

An Open Letter to Raise Up Massachusetts

Editor’s note – Raise Up Massachusetts, the coalition of community organizations, religious groups and labor unions behind the…

Employer Confidence Rises Despite Uncertainty

Massachusetts employers shrugged off mounting evidence of an economic slowdown during July and expressed growing confidence in both…

Budget Assumes EMAC Assessment Will End in December

Sometimes the real value of legislation is found in the things left out of a bill.

Income Surtax Would Chase Away Businesses, Jobs

As Massachusetts lawmakers gather tomorrow for another attempt to impose a massive income surtax on family business, a new analysis by Bloomberg news demonstrates the devastating impact of tax increases on economic activity.Data from the Internal Revenue Service and the Census Bureau shows that business owners and entrepreneurs are heading for the exits in high-tax states and bringing their income to states such as Florida and South Carolina.

Employer Confidence Stabilizes in June

Employer confidence stabilized in Massachusetts during June despite a continued swirl of conflicting economic and political signals around…

Report: More Massachusetts Employers Offering Health Insurance

More Massachusetts companies of all sizes are offering health insurance to their workers but fewer employees are enrolling…