The Power of Policy

Public policy has the power to create or curtail economic growth and prosperity in Massachusetts.

A thriving business community means a thriving Massachusetts. That’s why we work closely with our members and the business community at large to identify, research, and address the issues that matter most to employers – from health care, employment law, and sustainability to budget, taxes, and finance.

We are the only Massachusetts business organization with the size, influence, geographic reach and professional talent to successfully enact pro-business legislation and regulation. Our public-policy work and dedicated lobbying are shaping the future of business.

A Record of Accomplishment


Advocated successfully to curtail new broad based tax increases on the business community for the last two legislative sessions.

Unemployment Insurance

Advocated for and successfully achieved significant cost control on unemployment insurance taxes during a time of historically high unemployment rates

Business Continuity

Worked to keep critical sectors of the economy (for example, manufacturing) open and operating safely throughout the pandemic

Employment Gender Gap

Led the statewide discussion on the growing employment gender gap resulting from the COVID- 19 pandemic and provided resources and recommendations for employers to mitigate the issue.

Brian Burke

“In the midst of the enormous challenges presented by COVID-19 and
unprecedented economic disruption, AIM engaged effectively on key
legislation, policy, and corporate citizenship issues. This success was
clearly a result of their strong relationships, depth of knowledge,
and outstanding reputation.”