Our Mission

We help businesses unlock their full potential. We collaborate with our members on public policy issues that matter to their businesses and that provide economic opportunity across the commonwealth. We empower businesses with the information and tools to successfully navigate a fast-paced business world.

We strive to bring together the people, insights, and resources to ensure Massachusetts businesses and the economy thrive today and tomorrow for a brighter future for all.



Our Philosophy

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We believe the role of business is more than bottom lines. We believe the role of business is to increase value for society. We work to drive transformation that ensures the businesses and economy of Massachusetts will thrive today and tomorrow creating a brighter future for all residents of the Commonwealth.

Lisa Wieland

AIM is a great partner. They connect us with the Massachusetts business community,
not just with big organizations. They also connect us with small and medium
businesses, so we can understand their needs and issues as they try to grow.