Health Care Cost and Policy Committee

Monitor and act on proposed bills relating to healthcare, health insurance, mental health licensing of health & health-related professionals, and long-term health care facilities.

Committee Purpose/Mission

AIM’s Health Care Cost and Policy Committee was established to address the most pressing cost issue facing Massachusetts employers. The members include representatives from the health care industry and business community who work collaboratively on issues that affect the cost of health care.



Bill Grant
Senior Vice President and CFO
Cummings Properties

Benefits and Why Members Engage

  • The Committee will continue to advocate for employer-friendly state and federal policies while encouraging AIM members to become more engaged in efforts to control their individual health-care costs, including developing and implementing robust wellness programs and utilizing cost and quality transparency tools.
  • The ongoing agenda includes:
    • Reconciling federal health care reform with Massachusetts health care reform.
    • Monitoring the ongoing implementation of the Massachusetts health-care cost containment law, which set a target to (control growth of health costs consistent with  growth of the state’s economy).
    • Educating employers and employees about strategies to manage health insurance costs.
    • The Committee also helped AIM’s government affairs team to support successfully a number of state policy changes that have impacted employers, including:
      • Extension of the federal allowance for small group rating factors.
      • Elimination of the fair share assessment under the 2006 state health care reform.
      • Elimination of the Section 125 requirement for non-benefit eligible employees.

Vasundhra Sangar

  • Vice President of Government Affairs
  • Government Affairs
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