Taxation Committee

We monitor, evaluate, and act on issues affecting our members pertaining to state and local government tax measures and methods.

Committee Purpose/Mission 

AIM provides members with a strong voice on Beacon Hill. AIM identifies issues and works with members to address those public policy issues. Members are a key factor in shaping AIM’s public policy position and ultimately the Massachusetts tax policy landscape to encourage a positive business climate and greater business investment in the Commonwealth. AIM will draft legislation, public statements and actively lobby the issue wherever it goes in state government.



Paul O’Connor
Head of US Tax

Benefits and Why Members Engage

  • This committee drives AIM’s advocacy priorities and seeks ways to address complex tax policy issues.
  • AIM closely monitors and engages legislators of the Joint Committee on Revenue and activities related to the annual state budget process, which often contains tax policy matters.
  • The committee assists AIM in developing its pro-business legislative agenda.
  • The Committee hosts public officials in the tax arena, such as the Chair of the Joint Committee on Revenue, who address the group on current tax legislation or other relevant matters.


Update on Massachusetts Budget and Taxes

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Overall Spending

The House proposal totals $49.6 billion in spending. The chamber seeks to add roughly $2 billion in new spending (a 4.23% increase over FY ’22), approximately $1.4 billion more than governor Baker’s proposal. The large expense items are:

  • $6 billion in chapter 70 educational aid
  • $18.75 billion to MassHealth
  • $638.4 million for workforce development
  • $912 for early education and childcare

The primary new spending increases are directed towards:

  • $100 million towards early childhood educator salaries
  • $100 million to extend the free school meals program

Sam Larson

  • Vice President of Government Affairs
  • Government Affairs
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