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The AIM Team

Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced executives.  Working with each other, our board and with our member-businesses statewide, we support public policy and provide services that allow employers to create jobs and economic opportunity.

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John Regan

President & CEO

Tim Blaney

Territory Manager

Melissa Cromack

Vice President, Membership Relations

Gloria Fischer

Member Service Coordinator

Christopher Geehern

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications

Scott Genereux

Accounts Receivable Manager

Gaetan Kashala

Engagement Director

Chris Kealey

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Alexis Knights

Mission Team & Marketing Support

Sam Larson

Associate Vice President of Government Affairs

Cindy Lyman

Executive Vice President, Administration & Finance

Bob Paine

EVP Membership, Sales & Engagement

Kyle Pardo

Executive Vice President | AIM HR Solutions

Robert Rio, Esq.

Senior Vice President and Counsel Government Affairs

Kristen Rupert

SVP External Affairs & Exec Director, AIM International Business Council

Sara Rutkowski

Event Support Specialist

Vasundhra Sangar

Vice President of Government Affairs
TobiasSchumannn Profile

Tobias Schumann

Vice President, Information Technology

Patty Stephens

Accounting Manager and Employee Benefits Specialist

Brooke Thomson

Executive Vice President of Government Affairs

Reid Tomihara

Chief of Staff

Jayne Tranfaglia

IT Business Support Specialist

Sephorah Umugisha

Marketing Coordinator

Karen Wallace

Executive Vice President, Marketing

Melissa Wotus

Events Coordinator