New rules May Soon Amend Remote I-9 Document Review Process

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Ask the hotline

Question As we get closer to the November election, some of our employees are talking about politics in…

Human Resources | Workforce

Age Discrimination Factored into RIF Selection

A recent court decision found sufficient grounds for a laid-off 54-year-old engineer to claim age discrimination, even though…

Human Resources

NLRB Expands Worker Protection

The policy swings of the National Labor Relations Board continued with two recent events. On September 6, the…


Choosing and Implementing an ERP System (Part 2)

By Josh Chernin, Business Improvement Group Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems connect all functions of a business so…


What The Business American Data Privacy & Protection Act Means for Your Business

9/20/22  CHRISTOPHER COOK  Chief Financial Officer; iCorps Technology, Inc. The American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) is…


Consistency is Key in Enforcing Employer Policies

The Washington D.C. circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals recently upheld a union employee’s right to protest…

Human Resources

Final Countdown Begins on Premium Pay

The Massachusetts Legislature in 2018 passed what was called the “Grand Bargain,” which increased the minimum wage while…


New rules May Soon Amend Remote I-9 Document Review Process

One of the great frustrations for employers during the pandemic has been handling Form I-9 requirements for remote…

Human Resources

Ask the Hotline | Layoff Trigger Legal Obligations

Question My company is planning to lay off about 50 employees in the next few weeks. We currently…

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