The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. One of its major impacts has been the toll it has taken on women in the workforce.

In January of 2020, women held more paid jobs than men for only the 2nd time in U.S. history. Then the pandemic hit. As a result, the female labor force plummeted to the lowest level in over 30 years. Now, as federal and state lawmakers seek long-term policy solutions to these shortfalls, we need the business community to share both the steps you’ve taken and the resources you require to retain levels of success, profitability in diversity, and equity in the Massachusetts workplace. Now, two years after the start of the pandemic, what has changed?



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Creating Opportunities for Women in the Workplace

“Women are the backbone of our economy, they are our essential workers and the unsung heroes of our recovery. Women have always been leaders who have pushed America forward,” – Massachusetts Congresswoman Katherine Clark, Pink Slip: Bridging the Gender Gaps.

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