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AIM President and CEO Brooke M. Thomson supports the Healey-Driscoll Administration’s Affordable Homes Act

Posted on January 18, 2024

Brooke M. Thomson, President and CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts, said today that the business community “unequivocally” supports the overarching objectives of the Healey-Driscoll Administration’s Affordable Homes Act.

Testifying before the Joint Committee on Housing, Ms. Thomson said AIM supports key elements of the proposal ranging from reform to rules governing accessory dwelling units to investments in the affordable housing and middle-income housing trust funds.

The association does not support part of the bill that would permit a municipal real-estate transfer tax.

“AIM is extremely concerned that the high cost of housing is impacting the state’s competitiveness. AIM members, from restaurants on Cape Cod, to manufacturing facilities in the Berkshires, cannot fill their worker vacancies despite offering high wages and signing bonuses among other benefits, because prospective employees simply cannot afford to live close to where those jobs are,” Ms. Thomson said.

“Massachusetts employers pay the second highest median salary in the country and even that is not enough of an incentive to keep worker talent in the state. We believe that building new housing – and lots of it – is the fastest and most effective way to correct a housing market that can’t keep up with demand. Our members were grateful to see this administration is treating the problem with the same level of concern. This is how we retain our competitive edge.”

Ms. Thomson urged members of the committee to support key portions of the legislation to ensure that “the commonwealth has a home for all who want one.”