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HireNow and Nonprofits

Posted on May 2, 2022

Several non-profit AIM members have called the Employer Hotline recently reporting difficulty applying for the state’s HireNow. The Commonwealth Corporation, the organization that is administering this program, provided information to AIM on how non-profits should apply.

If you have questions about the program, we urge you to call the Commonwealth Corporation at the number below or visit their website.

When pre-registering, not-for-profits may select “Non-Profit” under the ‘Organization’ drop down menu. Please upload the appropriate form (see 355 breakdown below). Some not-for-profit’s (501(C)(6)) may submit a 3ABC form filed with their excise tax. We recommend that you speak with your company’s accountant or consult a CPA to verify which type of tax form you file for your business. ​​

Types of 355 forms:

  • Corporation – Form 355
  • Corporation subject to combined reporting – Form 355U
  • Fiduciary – Form 2
  • Nonprofit – Form MA PC
  • Partnership – Form 3
  • S Corp – Form 355S
  • Small Business Corp – Form 355SBC
  • Sole Proprietorship – Form 1040 with Schedule C

Please Note: The full document is not required. However, to qualify and complete employer registration you must submit one of the types of 355 forms listed above. Specifically, Commonwealth Corporation needs the page that contains the following:

  • organization’s name,
  • signature of appropriate officer and
  • address of the organization. 

If a business is experiencing an issue uploading a document (i.e., Certificate of Good Standing), it is recommended that you switch internet browsers and attempt the upload again. Note: A red “X” may appear next to the location the document was uploaded. This red “X” does not indicate an error has occurred, instead it symbolizes a “delete function” to remove the file if you choose.

​Employers may reach out to the Commonwealth Corporation at or by phone at (617) 789-8573.

AIM members with questions about this or any other human-resources issue may contact the Employer Hotline at 1-800-470-6277.