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Employers May Now Arrange Vaccines for Workers

Posted on May 12, 2021

The Baker Administration announced today that Massachusetts employers may now arrange COVID-19 vaccines for their workers by either booking dedicated slots at vaccination sites or hosting onsite vaccine clinics.  

Option 1: Group Appointment at Mass Vaccination Locations

Employers may request a block of appointments at any of the commonwealth’s mass vaccination sites. Employers should fill out this form to reserve slots for their employees.

Employers may help to register their employees or share a link for employees to sign themselves up during the reserved block of appointments 

Only demographic information is required for registration, insurance and identification are not required. Employers can make use of this program at the following mass vaccination locations:

Option 2: Mobile on-site employer vaccination clinics

Employers who have confirmed that 35 or more employees will obtain a vaccine may request a mobile on-site vaccination clinic. A vaccine provider will come on site to the employer’s location to vaccinate workers and return 3-4 weeks later with a second dose. 

In order to secure an on-site visit, employers will need to provide the following: address of the employer and a contact person, the number of confirmed employees, an indoor or outdoor space for the pop-up clinic, the type of appointment registration, and the requested date and time. 

Employers should use this form to book an on-site visit. Priority will be based on the number of employees seeking vaccinations and the location of the employer. Those employers in locations with vaccination rates below the state average will be prioritized.  

Additionally, AIM members may sign up for on-site visits and dedicated time slots for their employees through CIC Health. Individuals may also sign up for free Lyft rides to or from CIC- sponsored vaccine locations here. 

Please reach out to Sam Larson with questions or if you are interest in joining AIM’s Reopening Task Force. The task force meets monthly to discuss re-opening regulations and options for employers during the COVID-19 recovery.