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Developing Human Capital to Gain an Edge in Today’s Labor Market

Posted on November 17, 2022

By Herby Duverne, President & CEO,  The Windwalker Group

American companies spend $160 billion annually on employee training that is often time-consuming, expensive and ineffective.


Research shows that a decrease in attention spans and low learning retention are impeding employees from learning what employers want them to learn. Fewer than 15% of learners successfully apply what they learn; 80% of the content is forgotten within 30 days, and the figure jumps to 90% after a year.

 So, how can companies combat such waste while unlocking their employees’ full potential?

Windwalker has found in 25 years of providing development and training services that microlearning is one of the best ways to improve results and increase retention.

Microlearning is the process of learning through short, digestible, well-planned units, typically 5-10 minutes in length.   Although microlearning is compact, it encompasses learning objectives and substantive information. It promotes a decrease in the amount of time employees spend on training, which decreases the training costs for organizations while yielding better results.


Windwalker, through its work with multiple federal government agencies, has found gamification of content is another way to combat training stagnation and inefficiencies.

In their landmark study, Bovermann, et al (2018) showed that the use of gamification elements in the learning environment motivates learning behaviors. Many learning companies are moving in this direction, but often try to retrofit these concepts into established platforms and programs.  Our experience shows that retrofitting is costly and often inefficient in achieving the desired results

Windwalker is moving towards something different. Using our experience designing and developing training, we work with subject-matter experts to distill content and find “what matters most” (WMM) to the people receiving it.  Ultimately, we have found that WMM is the key component to making learning effective.  Make your content “matter” to people. We improve retention statistics by focusing on the implementation of microlearning and gamification applied specifically to WMM.


A breakthrough from our learning and development experts pushed us to develop the WindwalkerXP™ platform.  It has been designed with curated and critical topics we have found applicable across multiple industries consistently as WMM, and helps learners unlock their full potential using PowerSkills™.  Members of the workforce develop emotional intelligence, behavioral, interaction, and leadership skills, improving team effectiveness.

Our platform and content focus around microlearning and gamification incorporating necessary self-reflection. This philosophy of microlearning and gamification is grounded in academic research and supports the drive towards innovative learning.  The content is geared toward WMM skills that can be transferred to any industry. As a fellow member of A.I.M. we are happy to share WindwalkerXP™ and PowerSkills™ and welcome you to visit our website at to learn more.



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