Pandemic Planning

How the New Vaccine Mandates Affect You!

Pandemic Planning

New guidance from the Biden Administration requires federal contractors and subcontractors to have their employees fully vaccinated by December 8 to obtain new business with the federal government or maintain existing contracts.


The new order provides a detailed roadmap for contractors to comply with a previously announced executive order requiring full vaccinations for both federal employees and contractors soliciting federal business.


The US General Services Administration (GSA) issued new guidance that lays out an expansive definition of “covered contractors.” Both federal contractors and subcontractors must comply with the regulation. The requirement applies to contracts for services, construction, or leases of federal property, among others. 


There is no weekly testing option for unvaccinated employees. Covered contractors must also ensure employees follow protocols established by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Covered contractors must designate a lead person for compliance with the mandate.


Contractors have until November 14 to re-sign existing federal contracts and attest that they will comply with the regulations. A clause requiring compliance with federal workplace guidelines will be inserted into all existing and future federal procurement contracts.


(More information about the clause may be found here.)


Contractors may assume that their subcontractors are complying with requirements, absent credible evidence otherwise. Non-compliant companies could lose their federal contracts.


The mandate for federal contractors is separate and distinct from previously announced OSHA requirements for private-sector employers. AIM anticipates formal language from OSHA soon and will update members accordingly.  


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We’re all still trying to sort out the vaccination mandates announced by President Biden on Sept 9th and our AIM Government Affairs team is staying on top of this issue on behalf of our members. We are awaiting guidance from OSHA and will schedule a briefing for members as soon as that guidance is available.   Recently, AIM hosted a series of forums that gave the opportunity to update you on the requirements. View the first session below:


September 16, 2021 – Pandemic Planning Session 1:


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