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Consumers Drive Revolution in Health-Care Costs, Results

Can consumers really change a health-care market that threatens the economic well-being of the country?

Time for the Next Step in Measuring Education Reform

“MCAS scores for 10th-graders reach record high,” headlines the Boston Globe. What’s behind the headline?

Unlikely Voters Hold Key to Presidential Election, Pollster Says

The presidential election may be determined as much by people who do not vote as those who do,…

Study Says Manufacturing has Healthy Future in Massachusetts

“Manufacturing is alive and well in Massachusetts, and has a healthy future,” Professor Barry Bluestone of Northeastern University…

Employer Confidence Rises; Reflects Uncertain Recovery

Confidence among Massachusetts employers continues to lurch back and forth in a pattern that reflects the uncertain global economic…

Lack of Supplier Sustainability Can Harm Your Company

Editor’s Note – Dr. Robert Pojasek is the leader of sustainability at Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure in Stoughton…

Regulators Reject Workers Compensation Rate Increase

The Massachusetts Division of Insurance has rejected a proposed 18.8 percent average rate increase sought by workers compensation…

Manufacturers Look to Bring Work Back to U.S.; Will Tax Policy Help?

Can manufacturing employment in Massachusetts, declining for decades, actually grow again?

AIM Publishes 2011-2012 Legislative Scorecard

Massachusetts lawmakers may have left most of their work for the last minute in 2012, but they posted…