Employer Issues

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The Boston Globe writes that Associated industries of Massachusetts, "which for years has been businessess' most effective lobbying group, has developed new clout in the past year and a half." 


We sure have. More than 4,000 Massachusetts employers from every sector of the economy rely upon AIM to work with elected officials to create a climate in which business can grow and create opportunity and prosperity for the citizens of the commonwealth.


AIM works on the issues that matter most to employers - taxation, health care, energy, employment laws and regulations. If you're worried about it, we're working on int.


AIM Expert:
John Regan
Executive Vice President
Government Affairs

Employer Issues
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AIM engages in public policy work on behalf of thousands of Massachusetts employers who together employ one out of five residents of the commonwealth. We do so guided by the belief that only a vibrant, private-sector economy creates opportunity that binds the social, governmental and economic foundations of our commonwealth.