Get Involved

In order to create lasting economic prosperity for Massachusetts, our policy experts identify, research, and address the issues that matter most to employers.

Use Your Voice

Our work starts with stories – every day,  AIM members share their unfiltered perspectives on the issues that matter most to employers.  Their real-world experiences push lawmakers to enact policies that create jobs and spur innovation.

AIM offers a number of ways to get involved in the future of the business economy.  Together, we’re driving sound public policy from the ground up.


AIM Member Ambassador Program

More than 200 senior Massachusetts business executives hold the title of AIM Ambassadors as they establish working relationships with their local senators and representatives. Ambassadors sometimes select an elected official from the area in which the business is located and other times from the area in which the Ambassador lives.

Ambassadors play a key role in providing the employer perspective to elected officials on economic and political issues.

Sometimes, the best way to help an elected official understand the challenges of running a business is to invite him or her to tour the office or plant that employs his/her constituents. Senators and representatives often come away impressed by the innovation, skill and technology at work in their districts. AIM encourages members and Ambassadors to refer this program to other business leaders.

For more information contact Chris Geehern,  Executive Vice President Public Affairs & Communication at

AIM Member Voice

AIM Member Voice allows AIM member-employers in Massachusetts to communicate directly via email or letter with elected officials on issues of importance to the Massachusetts economy.

For more information contact Bradley MacDougall, Vice President Government Affairs:

AIM Member Legislator Tours

When our member employers encounter a particularly complex or difficult issue, we often recommend inviting their elected official over for a company tour— giving them a first-hand look at how their constituents actually live and work, while giving employers some face-to-face time with the policymakers themselves.

AIM will work with you to plan a tour that will be memorable both for your company and your elected representative.

For more information contact Bradley MacDougall, Vice President Government Affairs: