Strive Together. Thrive Together.

We invite the members of Associated Industries of Massachusetts to join with those who seek to create a more just society for our Commonwealth.

Champions of Better Business

This effort is intended to help companies realize the benefits of diversity and to broaden the potential pool of talented employees, key vendors, and potential customers.

A Collaborative Journey

We are working on public policy, education, and community information to help our members create a roadmap that expands the diversity of their organizations.

Our Nine Principles

We will support public policy that addresses racial discrimination.

We will support individuals of color in business, particularly by encouraging the formation and continued success of businesses they own.

We will meet with AIM members who are Black and Brown to listen to what they expect from AIM and to develop a plan in response.

We will gather our members to learn from one another on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We will establish a formal program to encourage our members to be intentional in supporting businesses owned and operated by individuals of color.

We will be an ally to organizations seeking economic and social justice for people of color.

We will continue our efforts to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization that represents the full variety of businesses and business people in Massachusetts.

We will hire and promote people of color into senior leadership positions.

We will maintain and expand our internal training in unconscious bias.

John Regan

“The issues before us today define who we are as a people and as a business community. With challenge comes opportunity. We must stop, reflect, educate, and change ourselves and the world around us.”