30 second vaccine update

When will individuals receive the vaccine?


Where can they go to get the vaccine?

Mass Vaccine Sites

  • Gillette Stadium went live on 01/08
  • Fenway launching on 02/01
  • More sites to be announced

Retail Pharmacies (start 01/25)

  • CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Grocery Store Pharmacies, etc.

Primary Care, Medical Sites, Community Clinics

  • Private medical offices, hospitals and community health centers, local & regional community clinics
  • Employer Groups holding vaccination clinics for employees (optional)


How can employers help employees attain the vaccine?

  • Option 1: If an employer is interested and has the ability to vaccinate staff, can work with provider partner to request vaccine directly from DPH.  If you offer on site flu clinics you can leverage that playbook.
  • Option 2: Employers may leverage an existing relationship with a health care provider or pharmacy to host an onsite clinic.  If you have identified a provider partner and need help obtaining the vaccine.  Mary Joyce is the contact at mary.joyce@dot.state.ma.us
  • Option 3: Encourage your employees to use a mass vaccination site, their primary care provider or provider site listed on the COVID-vaccine map: http://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-vaccine-locations-for-individuals-currently-eligible-to-be-vaccinated.


What else can employers do to assist their employees?

  • Communicate information on benefits and safety of vaccine to employees and surrounding communities  –  Public awareness campaign around safety of vaccine launches 02/07. Materials can be shared for distribution.
  • Encourage employees, when eligible, to receive the vaccine – Communicate when employee’s phase starts and eligible to receive vaccine.
  • Host a clinic for employees, if interested – Work with provider (e.g. wellness partner) to apply for COVID-19 Vaccine Program (MCVP) to order and administer Vaccinations to employees.


For more information from the State House Click here